Open banking for digital assets

Concordia is a universal collateral & risk management protocol.

It provides a versatile and extensible framework for deploying digital assets as collateral to secure liabilities. Concordia’s modular vision is to provide cross-chain collateral management as a public protocol, on top of which application developers can tap into a vast reservoir of available liquidity to build credit-powered financial products.

Concordia unifies the problem of collateral management by providing:

  • Support for native assets across multiple distributed ledgers & networks. A Concordia portfolio spans many networks, while each asset is settled physically on its home network
  • Adaptive interest rate framework, balancing returns for lenders, rates for borrowers, and moderated utilization
  • Data-driven risk management
  • General-purpose modular approach to building applications on top of collateral. Concordia’s collateral platform renders digital assets into borrow power for a user, with which application developers create structured financial products.
Last modified 1mo ago